Nanobionic Wellness Mattress in a roll 25cm


The Nanobionic Wellness mattress in a roll provides 2 sides of use, so it can be fully adapted to your needs. It is extremely comfortable with layers of foam and fast memory foam for ultimate comfort and support. It offers the benefit of Nanobionic technology, which you are looking for, for the best and most restful sleep of your life. It can be used on both sides, improving the quality of your sleep and enhancing comfort and well-being.

Orthopedic side
Designed to provide a firmer sleeping surface, providing targeted support to your back and joints.

Anatomical side
Quality body support, in which the mattress precisely adapts to the contour
of your body, providing ideal load response.
Nanobionic is revolutionizing sleep products.

It is a patented technology, internationally recognized and awarded by NASA.
The Nanobionic wellness pillow gives you the advantage you are looking for
you have the best and most relaxing sleep of your life.



The nanobionic wellness mattress in a roll

Improves the quality of sleep
Enhances comfort and well-being
Offers a more refreshing and relaxing sleep

* In a study conducted in France on 50 people

8 out of 10 had a more restful and refreshing sleep
9 out of 10 felt more relaxed after a long day
10 out of 10 would buy the product

Nanobionic was created to help all humans improve their daily life. You sleep better, you recover faster, you perform better the next day. Nanobionic is a true Wellness Technology that provides effortless benefits.

Additional information

Additional information


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