Privacy Policy

The visitor/user may visit the Website without disclosing his identity and without making known any personal detail without his prior expressed consent.However, the visitor/user consents expressly by filling the relevant form to his registration to the Website services by submitting his contact details (Full name, Address, E-mail, Telephone) to the Company, so as to be deemed as its client. The scope of his registration is to make purchases and to receive in the future electronic information (eg. Newsletters) by the Company about issues that concern him, about the Company, about his purchases and to enjoy future privileges offered by the Company. Moreover, the Company may record the users/visitors’ purchases, in order to upgrade its services and give the chance to the registered users/visitors to access their purchases history.
The Company is in line with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 about data protection. The possible processing by the Company of the users’ personal data is being made under the express consent of the user and it aims at giving the possibility to the visitors/users to make purchases, to receive in the future electronic information (eg. Newsletters) about issues that may interest the visitors/users, to be contacted about the products and the services of the Company and to enjoy possible future privileges offered by the Company and finally in order the Company to upgrade its services. The information that had been voluntarily given by the users are being used by the Company in order the users to have direct and substantial communication with the Company, to be given answers to their questions and finally to be served proficiently and their purchases to be executed in the most efficient way. The Company does not distribute to any other organization or associate the e-mail addresses or any other information about its users and its clients.
The Company has the right to disclose users’ personal data to third parties that they are not its subsidiaries or connected with it companies exclusively under the following circumstances:
(a) in order to abide by the law, judgment and state decisions,
(b) in order to defend and protect its rights or its property,
(c) in order to act under urgent circumstances with the aim of protecting the security of its users, its servers and locations on the Internet or the public.
The Company is obliged to protect personal details and data of the visitors/users. To this direction it has taken all the appropriate measures as far as their technical security and their processing are concerned. The personal data that they are being collected are stored in servers of restricted access, which are being controlled by access codes. The Company uses special technologies and processes against their loss or misuse and for the prevention of unauthorized access, dissemination, alteration or deletion. However, the Company even though has taken any possible measures in order the abovementioned elements to be protected, it cannot guarantee that the already mentioned technologies and processes will never be attacked under any circumstances.
To this direction, if any visitor/user becomes aware of any unlawful, in bad faith, inappropriate or illicit use of personal data, that are being connected in any way with the use of the Website, he will be obliged to communicate the relevant facts to the Company at no time. In a different case he will be liable himself to the Company.

Access and objection rights
The users of the Website have the right to be informed whether their personal data are being processed by the Company and object to their processing. Moreover, they may ask their correction, temporary deactivation, non transfer or deletion. The required request as far as the Company is concerned must be signed, written and come with a specific request or/and action and be sent to the address: OMEGA TRADING PRIVATE COMPANY, 147 Irakleiou Avenue, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece P.C. 14231 with the indication “Website – Data” and be followed by documents that will prove the identity of the applicant. The Company is obliged to respond in writing within a fifteen days (15) dead line upon receipt of the request.

As far as the Company is concerned, the user may exercise his information, access and object rights (arts 11, 12 and 13 respectively Law 2472/1997) by contacting the Company’s stuff in charge to the address: OMEGA TRADING PRIVATE COMPANY,147 Irakleiou Avenue, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece P.C. 14231 with the indication “Website – Data”.

Non-personalized information
During the visit to the Website may be collected some details that cannot be associated with a particular person (non-personalized), which help the Company exclusively to upgrade its services. For instance, the “domains” that the visits to the Website are coming from may be recorded for statistic purposes, but in a way that the recorded data remain un-personalized, namely unable to identify the user. That information consist “clickstream” data and it is being used and analyzed only as a total for statistic purposes. The abovementioned information is not being examined on a unique users’ basis. The Company may use that information to analyze trends and statistics in order to improve its services.

The collection of this information is taking place via the so called “cookies”. This technology does not collect personal information. “Cookies” are usually small text files that are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders and may be sent from the Website to the computer’s browser and stored there and they may assist to the identification of the computer but not of the user. “Cookies” may make a visit to the Website of the Company easier and more interesting for the user. However, the user may, if he wishes, to fully deactivate cookies in his browser. Although in this case, some websites may not work properly.