FILA x Nanobionic® Memory Lana Kids Unisex Shoes Black

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Shoes lined with innovative Nanobionic RE-3 technology based on a mixture of metals and bio ceramic materials. Nanobionic RE-3 technology is activated by body heat and results in improved strength and recovery, providing light walking and relaxed feet. Suitable for standing

Features & Benefits

Unisex Kids’ Shoes in Black by FILA x Nanobionic® with Memory Lana for restful play all day long!

Meet Nanobionic RE-3 Technology: A mineral infused fabric that absorbs your body’s heat and converts it into infrared energy.

Infrared energy is then reflected back into your muscles helping them recover better. Nanobionic is a Performance, Wellness and Recovery brand that provides effortless Wellness benefits while wearing the products.

  • Recycles body energy
  • Recovery
  • Wellness

What to expect?

  • Increased strength
  • Higher endurance
  • More restful experience

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